The UD Creamery

by Abdalaziz Alswilm, Mohammed Alfawzan, and Yoonchul Nam

creameryWhat is the most popular ice cream store in Newark? Most of the people we asked said that it is the UD Creamery. It is located at 535 S. College Ave. You may need transportation because it is not near Main ST. There is a huge parking lot. This place depends on the UD farm for it’s products, also it shows a modern decoration style and a delicious variety of food.

First of all, the creamery insists on using fresh ingredients that come from the UD farm. Every morning the farm delivers fresh organic milk to the creamery, which used to make various kinds of ice cream. The UD farm always keeps their cows healthy, by studying many methods of raising healthy cows which produce organic milk. The studies, that the farm does, make the customers of the creamery enjoy good quality milk.

The creamery looks like a traditional american house. Fresh air, rounded tables, benches, and a mowed lawn welcome you in front of the creamery. You can go to benches outside if you hate crowded places. The creamery is tiny inside, so there are only five chairs around two marble tables. Amazing cow statues and many fabulous plants decorate the shiny tables, such as exotic cactus, yellow forsythia, and small sunflowers. If you need to charge your electronic device, you can feel free since there are four power supplies on each table. Even though only five people can sit, many people want to visit and look around because there are modern stone arts on the walls representing the colors of the cow. Also, many awesome merchandise is also displayed, like t-shirts, mugs, plush cows, hats, bumper stickers, thermal bags, and blue hen blanket. Where you see the cute cow dolls wearing yellow t-shirts, you can’t avoid buying it.

The staff, who look like university students, are always smiling and welcoming their guests. The creamery has the most amazing milk shakes and fabulous aromatic coffee. They also serve golden hot waffles. We tried the smooth chocolate, rich vanilla, and peanut butter ice cream. They serve a huge portion for a low price. It was really so big, for only $4.25. It was like a mountain and we felt full even though we had not eaten lunch before we came. We recommend ordering one or two scoops if you don’t have a big appetite since three scoops are really huge. The waffle cones were so crispy, and we could taste the soft marshmallow at the end of the cone. We also recommend you try the fresh coffee if you like it since the smell is fragrant.

In conclusion, the cozy place and the relaxing atmosphere will make you feel less stressed. If you want to try extraordinary ice cream made with fresh ingredients, The UD Creamery is the place to go.

Buffalo Wild Wings

by Abdulaziz Alsharari & Saleh Al Shalhoub

Where do you usually eat a burger or drink beer? What kind of restaurant do you like to eat? There is a big restaurant and bar that offers great food and beer. It’s called Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar restaurant, and it’s an awesome place to eat with your friends or your family and watch live sports. It’s just two minutes of walking from the UD campus. It located on West Main Street between the Fedex Office and the West Campus Gateway. You will like the environment, the food, the service, and the prices.

The building is modern and looks like it has been built no more than a year. On the outside, it is covered with the light brown stones, and the doors and the windows are painted black. When you enter the restaurant, you will be in a small room which is the reception area, and that is for people who want to order food and take it out, or if the restaurant is full and no seating is available, you can sit there until a waitress finds a seat for you. In the reception area, there is a door through which you enter to eat in the restaurant. If you like sports, you will love this restaurant so much because when you sit there, you can watch live sports with 32 Tvs, 8 projecters, and soft incandescent light. The University of Delaware football team’s t-shirts, pictures, and flags are hung on the walls, which are painted with red, gray, and black paints.

Whatever the environment and the food were good, the service and the price are important factors for the Customers. We were sitting and waiting for the waitress. The service here is very slow, and our order took around 30 minutes. Everytime you need the waitress to pay the bill or to order anything, she takes around 6 minutes to come to you. It’s the only bad thing at this restaurant. On the other hand, the food price is neither cheap and expensive. The average price for one meal is around $7.00. Our bill was $11.47 for each meal, and the tip was $3.00 for each one even though the waitresses were very slow, they were friendly, smiled all the time, and answered every question that we asked.

When we entered the restaurant, we smelled a delicious smell which was like many different flavors mixed with grilled meat. Their menu has many different dishes such as the traditional wings, buffalo ranch chicken sandwich and juicy steak burger. You can also build your own burger with many items on the “build your own burger” menu. All meat that they use are fresh and never have been frozen. I ordered the cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, and Saleh initially didn’t want to eat anything, but by the time my order arrived, his was watering, and he called the waitress to order the same thing. The burger was so delicious. The meat cooked well-done, the cheese melted on the grilled meat, the lettuce and the tomato were fresh, which like came from the farm this morning. That’s not everything, either the menu also has many kinds of beer, soda drinks, and lemonade.

In conclusion, we recommend the Buffalo Wild Wings because it offers delicious food and the spirited place, and it’s a great place to hang out. Even though the waitresses or the waiters are very slow, they are so friendly, and you will like to talk to them. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance. It’s a nice experience.

Home Grown Cafe

by Candy Rui and Leo Qin

When you want looked for a pleasant place to celebrate your birthday or have a great time with your friends, what would you do? The an excellent restaurant named Home Grown Cafe, which is located in the heart of downtown Newark at 126 E. Main Street, nears the Walgreen’s Drugstore. It is easy to find. This restaurant has been built for 13 years, and it is still popular. We believe that you and your friends will enjoy especially the comfortable environment, enthusiastic service, and brilliant food.

When you first stand in front of the restaurant, you will see a colorful big name on the wall: “Home Grown Cafe.” Near the door, there are some outside seats, which let you feel cool when you eat. When you open the door, you will see a sofa in front of the wall is for customers who are waiting to take food to go. While they are waiting for their meal, they can sit on the sofa to have a rest. On the inside, this restaurant has two parts. One is a normal restaurant, the other is a bar counter. That is why this is a good place for have fun or have a party with your friends. The normal restaurant part is for eating food. In the middle of passage, there is a restroom over there. When you sit down on the sofa and look around at the walls, you see four pretty pictures which show the very famous views which are some forests and rivers. You can also feel the soft light and cool temperature in this part of the restaurant. On the other part, which is for drinking, has a big bar and a kitchen. Behind the bar counter, there are many different drinks on the shelf. Also, many bright wineglasses also hang the wall. This unique design makes people relaxed.

The quality of service is very important for a restaurant. When we first went to this restaurant, we were very impressed by their friendly service. When we entered the door, the server who came to me immediately with a charming smile said, “Welcome!” After we had sat down, she asked us right away if we needed something to drink. Then she gave us two menus, and offered some great advice for food. When we had any confusion about the menu, she was very patient to answer us. A short time later, our food arrived at our table. It didn’t take long time made us feel satisfied. During the meal, the server was efficient; our water was always refilled and our dishes changed frequently. When we asked about the history of this restaurant, the employee who had worked in here long time shared a great story which about a kind couple builds this coffee. Finally, when we left, server reminded us not to forget anything. To be sure, everyone who works here would loves to help customers.

Having great service is not enough; the key to attracting people is food. When we got meals from the server, we were shocked by the diversity meals. Home Grown Café provides every kinds of meal that you can imagine, such as weekly specials, brunch menu and dessert menu…… It has eleven menus in total. Each menu was organized and written in wonderful handwriting. It made the food more sound appetizing. As for the price, they have food costs from $4to $14. So, different food and a wide range of price can give us more choices. For me, I ordered a breaded chicken sandwich with Banh Mi sauce, which tasted very spicy. It created by myself. People can choose different meat or sauce to make your own meal. This is the most usual one; you also can make your own soup, salad and dessert. In general, everyone can find food belong to you!

If you want to go to a restaurant that has a casual environment, humanized service and unforgotten food, you will never need to worry about finding a perfect place. The Home Grown Café is your best choice! I hope you will enjoy it!

The Yogurt City, a Great Option for This Summer

by Nada Aldausari and Cecilia Flores

On a hot summer day when the sun is shining and the temperature rises every minute, you can only think of escaping from the heat and staying in a refreshing place. Yogurt City is a frozen yogurt store located at 157 Main Street on the corner of Choate Street, just one block from the 108 ELI building, so you can’t miss it. It is a family store for all ages, but especially for families who enjoy the experience of choice and “playing” with food. It is open from 11 AM to 12 PM all week long and is a self-serve store that only has one salesperson, the cashier. While she is not very friendly, her attitude is not that important because you only interact with her at the moment you pay. Yogurt City is a comfortable store where you can eat yogurt and drink smoothies while you cool off.

Yogurt City is a modern and spacious store, which is white in the outside with a colorful logo. If you like the sound of the cars and the pedestrian conversation, they have a few tables outside where you can eat. They also have a rack where you can lock up bikes. When you enter, you immediately have a complete view of the place and the kind of food that they sell. On the right side of the store there is a service table, which contains small pieces of fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, mangos, and blueberries as well as a variety of chocolates and nuts. Beyond that there is the machine which has different types of flavors. On the other side and also in the front of the store, there are large windows through which you can see the street. The place is bright because of natural light from the windows and the lamps in the interior. Under the windows there are shelves with some tall chairs and in the middle they are three high tables, so you can stay and eat in the store. The walls in the Yogurt City are very colorful, each wall with a different strong color like green or yellow. Above the cashier are located two small posters which have the prices of the yogurts and the variety and prices of the smoothies. While we were sitting, we could hear the sound of the refrigerator similar to a group of bees every ten minutes. At the first, the sound was annoying but then you cannot notice because they are so many pleasure sounds like the soft sound of American pop music and the sound of people from all ages laughing, talking, and enjoying their free time.

yogurt cityYogurt City has 14 flavors of yogurt, including fruits, cakes, and coffee. The way to get the yogurt is different than the way that we are normally used to because it is self-service, so you have the option to choose the size of the cup, how much you want to eat, and how many flavors you want to eat together. To serve the yogurt you have to push the lever and that is all! The fun part comes at the end when you decorate your yogurt with chocolates, nuts, fresh fruits and sweet liquid dressing. After the fun is the sad part: you have to weigh the cup and pay—but don’t worry the prices are affordable. For example, you can get a big cup of yogurt for less than three dollars. We ate one strawberry and pineapple yogurt with fresh strawberry and nuts as a topping, and another chocolate and coffee yogurt with small pieces of chocolates and chocolates dressing. The temperature of the yogurt was perfect because it wasn’t very cold, like real ice cream. The taste was very natural, without excess sugar, which allows one clearly taste the flavor. The texture of the yogurt is soft and creamy and makes you want to hold it in your mouth as long as possible.

For the smoothies there are fewer options than the yogurts. There are seven different kinds of smoothies, all made with fruit. We tried the strawberry smoothie, which is prepared at the moment you order it by putting fruit, water, ice, and sugar in a blender. It is poured in a colorful plastic cup. It is a very cold, sweet drink which is not completely liquid because of the ice. As you are swallowing the smoothie, you can feel a cold sensation which starts in your mouth, then continues down your throat and spreads through your whole body. The plastic cup in which the smoothie is served allows you to drink it in the store or take it outside while you are walking. One cup of smoothie made us feel pretty full.

If you are searching for a place to enjoy with friends or your family or just want to eat or drink something refreshing rapidly, Yogurt City is an excellent alternative to do that and to get energy for the rest of the day. As summer approaches we recommend you go to Yogurt City; it would be a wonderful experience.

Brewed Awakenings


How many places have you visited which remind you of the early 20th century. There is a place on Main Street next to the M&T bank which seems like coffee shop from one hundred years ago. Brewed Awakenings is quiet and comfortable and has several kinds of coffee and pastries.

When you look at the front of the shop, it looks like a book store or office, but when you go upstairs, the coffee smell and the coffeemakers will grab your attention, because the coffee shop place is unpredictable. The coffee shop is not like most coffee shops, which are crowded and noisy. Instead, this coffee shop is quiet and fancy. The important things that distinguish Brewed Awakenings from other coffee shops are the soft music and the antique decorations, like unusual old book cases, an old telephone, or old newspapers, so all these things help you to feel better. The tables and chairs are tiny but comfortable. The walls, which are painted in sophisticated orange color, and are decoratived with appealing architectural photos of bridge, airport, and huge buildings. These photos show an open area of Boston city and its beautiful street. In addition, the lights are bright and evenly the visitors will feel happy and relaxed, because the lights are smooth and comfortable for eyes.

The coffee shop has various kinds of hot coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, mocha, latte, and hot chocolate. They also have iced drinks such as, iced latte and iced cappuccino. All these coffee items are fresh, fragrant, and sweet. in addition, the tiny coffee shop has many kinds of pastries that are delicious and tasty such as cupcakes, chocolate chip, and cookies. I ordered a cup of caramel cappuccino and chocolate chip. The caramel cappuccino was hot, fragrant, and sweet, so I ordered other large one and took it with me when we went back to the class. Also the chocolate chip was tasty and very crunchy, so I like it from the first bite.

Brewed Awakenings is the best place to relax and enjoy your time , so you should order a cup of fragrant caramel cappuccino with crunchy chocolate chi

Brewed Awakenings

By Abdulaziz Alsharari

What coffee shop do you like best? Do you like to relax and drink coffee when you are busy? There is a small coffee shop on East Main Street called “Brewed Awakenings.” It’s near the Newark United Methodist Church and next to the National 5&10 store . It’s a wonderful place to relax and enjoy coffee and pasties.

The place there is very comfortable . The fluorescent light and is soft , which doesn’t hurt your eyes, and you can see everything clearly . When you sit there and drink a cup of coffee, you can hear beautiful classical music that help you to relax . If you are interested in reading, there is an interesting bookcase that has many different books, and all of which are old editions . One day, I have been there, and I saw two old men who were sitting next to the door, and they were talking to each other.

Second thing you want to know is the coffee and the food. You are probably tried Starbucks coffee or Dunkin Donuts coffee. This coffee shop offers great coffee lattes which taste like Starbucks latte . They also have a berry cake, which is soft and delicious, and a chocolate chip, which is crunchy.

In conclusion, Brewed Awakenings can help you to relax after a busy day and enjoy coffee with berry cake or something like that. I liked this place because it’s quiet place. You can study there, enjoy great coffee, and listen to classic music.

A Special Coffee Shop

by Zhengbo Qin

Have you ever been to a coffee shop besides Starbucks? I guess not. Let’s make a change. Today, I went to the coffee shop which is located on Main Street named Brewed Awakenings. It is in a very old house which has already been built for several decades. Because the old house which dresses yellow and blue, the interesting thing was that I thought it was a bookstore before I saw the sigh. I was very impressed by the shop’s old-fashioned design and tasty food.

When I came in the door, I saw the old narrow stairs which was made of wood. The stairs creaked when I walked on them. Then, the strong pungent smell of coffee greeted me. On the right side of the wall, there is a large bookcase which has lots of timeworn books and different kinds of coffee from different country. On the other side, there are some black and white pictures which describe city scenes are on the wall. The man who took those pictures told me that these pictures were taken in New Haven, in which the Yale University is located. When I prepared to order my food, I saw the menu written on the blackboard in colorful chalk. I’m fascinated by this old-fashioned design.

While I was waiting in line, the fragrant smell made my mouth water. I ordered the chocolate chip cookie which tasted very soft and sweet. After that, I ordered a cup of mocha, which mixed coffee and milk and tasted very creamy. Finally, my classmate and I shared the blueberry muffin which tasted tangy, but it was a special one because this taste that I had never tasted before today. I was very satisfied about this meal. When we decided to go back to class, I saw an award on wall which “Delaware Today” gave for the best coffee of the Delaware.

Although this coffee shop is very small, the unique design and novel food makes it unforgettable. I prefer to go to this coffee shop rather than Starbucks in the future.